The IMLS National Study on the Use of Libraries, Museums and the Internet

Museums and libraries have long been sources of learning, recreation and information for personal, family, educational and workplace purposes. However, the Internet, Web and other technologies have become an increasingly used source of information that some believe will largely replace their physical counterparts. On the other hand, some have speculated that the Internet and related technologies and services will actually enhance and increase museum and library use.

Until now, there has been no solid evidence to support either assertion particularly considering the wide range in types of museums and libraries.

Researchers have completed the “IMLS National Study on the Use of Libraries, Museums and the Internet,” a study that delves into the use of libraries, museums and the Internet. The study concludes that “the amount of use of the Internet is positively correlated with the number of in-person visits to museums and has a positive effect on in-person visits to public libraries.”

For an overview of the conclusions of the study, please see the Conclusions Overview [PowerPoint, 6.8 MB].